The ALBERT JUNGERS POETRY PRIZE (AJPP) is an annual poetry award instituted in 2014 by Words Rhymes & Rhythm in honor of late Fr. Albert Jungers (1948 – 2013).

Fr. Albert Jungers, or Fr. Al, as he was fondly called, is a Priest, Poet and Teacher who played a vital role in the birth of the WRR College of Poetry, which is now Nigeria’s only online poetry college, teaching poetry informally, using Facebook as a classroom.

He was until his death, an instructor, and dear ‘father’ to young Nigerian poets in the virtual college, providing free instruction to the group, teaching many unfamiliar poetry forms.

He was an extra brilliant poet who brought different forms to life with simple instructions. Fr. Al was so patient and accessible that many Nigerian poets have been permanently influenced by him. He is fondly remembered.

The AJPP will be awarded annually to one poet.

Fr. Albert Jungers – THE MAN:

As a Priest, Fr. Albert Jungers’ work elegantly illustrates his deep faith in God and in His Mercy. As a man of compassion, his poetry speaks on a multitude of topics here on Earth, inspiring a love for knowledge in children and young adults.

He also writes of his wife, family and cats in soaring love poems and humorous verbal illustrations of life. His poetry is simply expressive and moving in many ways.

Fr. Jungers writes of Nature as well, appreciation for life and for God’s gifts to Humankind.

He shows his serious side in his poems about the suffering of Third World populations, unequal treatment and injustice wherever it may be found, political corruption and hypocrisy of world leaders.

Once in a while, readers are amazed and amused by his humorous, yet serious wordplay messages, based on his long life experience.

AJPP Hall of Fame: