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Literature is a huge repository of spiritual and moral values. It would seem that all of us have long been familiar with works of the best writers like Leo Tolstoy, Lewis Carroll, Rudyard Kipling…but there are so many facets that we can never grasp the perfection to the full. Literature is tremendous!

Whether you like it or not, literature accompanies us from birth to death. It helps us to understand what is good and what is bad, pointing out to the origins of the human conflict, to see the inner beauty of a person, to grow spiritually…

By disclosing the artistic images, literature suggests us the concepts of truth and falsehood. No arguments, even the most eloquent and convincing, affect the human mind as much as literature does, and this proves its strength and importance.

Pen wizards expand human horizons, accustoming us to a thoughtful reading that gives us a chance to understand the ideas expressed by the author of the images. Competent work on the text enriches vocabulary, develops the ability to master the literary language and different artistic techniques.

Literature is a powerful weapon that can heal. It shows us the path of self-development, blurring the boundaries of time. It acquaints us with the spirit of an era, the life of a particular social environment. Literature develops the mind and senses. It’s our guide to the world of real and unreal. Everything that goes into our soul from the outside is imprinted in our feelings, thoughts, and the way we express them.

Different writers teach us different things: some depict nature that generously scatters their gifts; some glorify battles and horror. Literature has many faces; its creators are very different. But this in no way prevents us from enjoying all its diversity!

STORYTELLING QUOTES FROM GREAT WRITERS was written by Lucy Adams, an outsourcer from an essay writing service.

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