Your mates are working But you’re snoring Forget not, the day of reckoning; You shall lament While others harvest! Stretch not your jar to fetch, From this valley to quench your thirst Hide not your face; shame, on it etched Cos you failed to give your best. The time is ticking Bidding farewell Work now!… Continue reading LAZY BONES


I wanted to kiss the clouds So up I went climbing Deferring the porcupine hugs of the mountain To shine like the North Star I wanted to see the ocean’s birth So I grabbed my rudders And listened to the wailings of sea gulls Cast amulets on my vain soul I wanted to be ahead… Continue reading DESIRES


Like an ant on a different path from his colony, whistling alone to himself to chase away silence, savoring the new found freedom and thinking very little of the world he left behind… Like helpless chicks making joyful noise around the mother hen, as they attack a meal of corn grains, the mother hen charges… Continue reading WHEN TOMORROW COMES


And the willing tea from the flowing sea An endless passion from the mission unstoppable Dreams realized a goal achievable Not far from me as far as I can see Determination a costly phenomenon that’s worth the sacrifice If death comes for me tonight What pounds of souls have I got to pay my ransom?… Continue reading NO PROCRASTINATION