PSITTACISME by Joseph Omojuwa

Life, Vanity upon vanity! Counting countless countable, Of memories memorized for memories Bathing bateless battle, Of agonies, agonized from agony Deepening dripless depth, Of sanity, sanitized for sanctity Patching pathless past, Hoping for a hopeless hope. Fighting ‘the forgone’ fight, By Celebrating a lifeless life. Driving ‘catawampus’, but a soul knows no pause. Cloddy! Rejoicing… Continue reading PSITTACISME by Joseph Omojuwa

CHASING THE TEMPEST by Moses Oluwatobi Adebayo

Many saw I that wrought hard and labor, Toils to succeed, jealous of `s neighbour; Weepings of oppress`d flows as runnels, And no comforters to be their channels; But better it is, A man who die at birth, Happier he’s than eyes not contented of wealth; Why? , they saw no evils done in`s world, No fear O` death… Continue reading CHASING THE TEMPEST by Moses Oluwatobi Adebayo


After the bugle call War begins and great men fall After the trumpet sound Amidst bloodshed, bleeding dreams abound When the bugle sounds Then regal vultures are called to feasting grounds After the trumpet call Once breathing men shall become as soulless doll! Then Spirits drift either upward Or find home in blazing fires downward… Continue reading VANITY WROTE A SONNET!


Yes! I am now in power My house is too small, i need new one There must be a garden at the extreme An hedonist way of life I want to be known by everyone My name should travelled far and wide Much more than sound and light These are my targets for myself The… Continue reading VANITAS VANITATUM


In reminiscence Those foot steps at that unusual hour As she strode in graciously in her majestic apparel Even without having a glance I couldn’t deny her amorous and sensual smell I felt strange giggles The sun grew cold, the walls smiled and plinth brandished All in affirmation of her presence That lingering 180 degrees… Continue reading DECORATED VANITY