I called him ‘OKENYE UKWU’1 My father Onowu Iyasele Chike Ofodile A world of grand processions, rituals, rites of mystery, magic, sages and taboos of sweetest kindred ties and kindred fights of rules and trust which few would dare abuse. Inland Onitsha where his life did dawn a striking baby, prettier than a girl the… Continue reading OKENYE UKWU: A TRIBUTE)

#WhatCanWordsDo: ANGEL’S COO (for Maya Angelou)

If we’ll study war no more And leave not saliva prints Upon earth’s rickety tits; If we’ll tell truth beyond Colours of the skin Without cynicism freeing sneers Off our chin; If we’ll forgive our hate For loving another to stupor Brotherhood would be our perfect sin Written by: Antoni Chidera Okafor

YOU REMAIN MY PRESIDENT (a tribute for John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills

In your 68 years of existence, you were reduced to a nonentity, you were ridiculed They created a platform for boys and girls Young enough to be your children and grand children to insult and mimic Your greatest achievement was not the development But your ability to resist the temptation to reply On your day… Continue reading YOU REMAIN MY PRESIDENT (a tribute for John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills


I stood mute at the news of your demise Beyond the oceans are my tears Your voice spoke beyond continental boundaries About the gang raping of our culture Your embodiment was the persona of Okonkwo Chinua, the literary prophet has gone, Gone, but not without a message The message of a certain country, You heralded… Continue reading EXIT OF THE ICONIC INK