I heard the heart of men beating The atmosphere was tense, silence ruled Many prayed to God. Are Zambians godless? Lips dropped curses like rain on Keshi Even as we prayed and watched the ball Hoping it enters the right net Ethiopians’ net! At last Moses parted the red sea! Pay the penalty, save our… Continue reading CRAWLIFY


Oh! Tenacity and courage Failed at the eccentric vigor. The Old Lady paged, Even on a quivering Bridge. Boots lashed, the net severally shook in vain Ah! Fate seem defaced In the midst of plenty, rays of victory derailed. Its time he learnt That Mr. Faith favors the tent Where Patience and Diligence are well… Continue reading THE SACRED COCK CROW


There was a Robin in my hood With nimble feet – oh! – he was good. And Robin nursed a broken wing But still to him did Arsene cling – For 7 eons without relent – Until the Robin’s wings had strength! 1 season Robin made us fly- The Tots and Blues we did fly… Continue reading ROBIN van DEVIL

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Have you heard of the Lightning Bolt? It’s he that shames the bullet of a Colt. Before the crack of the pistol sounds, The feet of Bolt are flying off the ground! I’m sure you know what I’m saying, But if you dont, his name is Usain!