KPOHACHIM: by Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

Do not cry? Did you really say I shouldn’t cry? Twas just yesterday I saw her last. Full of life, Full of smiles. Twas last night I bade her ‘Goodnight’ She died with yesterday Why I’m I still alive? I promised ne’er to leave her. Black out, Thou Sun. Dim, dim, dim, you Moon. Shine… Continue reading KPOHACHIM: by Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu


Frimpomah sits at the bank of Ankobra Eyes feeding the river with tears And Ankobra drinks with no fears Frimpomah sings a dirge “You them boys swimming You them girls fetching You them women washing If you see my mother Tell her I wait for her body.” “You them boys swimming You them girls fetching… Continue reading THE RIVER TOO DRINKS


Peace! Peace! Peace! The voice of the strange Echoes in the dark Blank faces They grope in the dark In search of invincible peace A wild imagination A loose tongue Makes smooth speeches Slippery like the okra The Ignorant create chaos The Innocent exist no more The sound of sorrow stretches afar Written by: Mercy… Continue reading ECHOES


I. Nervous hour a foiled track scented shadows loosen grim swell on the patch, where a hope has taken shelter page-turners in dissension hang dreams in mellowed wrench. These yawns tear out the frazzled lips defy hearts to the hive of fear so they may taste none from within. Before harmattan glance through an alarm… Continue reading SCENTED SHADOWS


She dances like one possessed; Somebody should hold her. She dances, Causing ripples in the dust, Stirring up the ghosts of her past; Somebody should hold her Because soon, The angels of the earth will fall at her feet. She dances like the stormy seas, Like heaving bodies in the act of love She dances… Continue reading THE DANCER


Ashes mold faces, dressed in rugged glories… Men hurry into doom in lorry of misplaced hope And they fall into caskets of bitter worries As the world hisses away with sweet-bitter memories! Who can tell what tomorrow hold’s? Who can tell the sun to stop shinning? And force the moon to ignore its duty? Our fate depends… Continue reading FATE DEPENDS ON FAITH

WE ARE LIGHTS (2013 World Poetry Day Poem)

When the chin is drawn down, And the sky seems clouded, With light captured by darkness, You shall not frown. When things seems to never turn around, And the way is already crowded, With all happiness shrouded, Still you mustn’t frown. Just go on and look for us, Online or from a book, read us… Continue reading WE ARE LIGHTS (2013 World Poetry Day Poem)