When the saints shall rejoice and ask ‘Oh death where is thy sting?’In the fiery pits of hell you’ll baskTo Our Lord you won’t have anything to bringFor your eart and soul you would have sold The devil is not a cushion to be trustedFall not into his hands unprotectedAvoid his path with fear of… Continue reading ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE


Long I labored, this wind to tame Sowed all my hopes in earthly brains, Their faith wavered like candle flame; Away, hanging on the Night, plain! Promises I smoked like cigars. Like pooch, I enjoyed sniffing words, Wagged my tail for pompous liars And now they have my ire incurred. Foolish me! The fault bears… Continue reading DISAPPOINTED


Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia! Christ is risen from the dead, He has broken Satan’s chain And lives again our glorious head, No one need in hell remain For the grave took Him instead And He cleansed us from sin’s stain, Hell no more should be our bed, Alleluia our refrain, Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia! O felix culpa,… Continue reading O FELIX CULPA


The story started In perfect garden Eden Where Man and God never parted, Till the Serpent made the garden his den! An apple forbidden Was brought to Eve‘s eye. And they did eat, at Satan‘s bidding. Their eyes were open, but they were cursed to die! But God loved man. So he sent another Adam… Continue reading THE ADAM STORY