GREEN LIBYAN by Victor Igiri

Illegal migrants from Africa, attempting to reach Europe, walk towards a detention center off the coastal town of Guarabouli, 60 kilometres (36 miles) east of the capital, on July 8, 2017. Thirty-five migrants, including seven children, were feared drowned after their inflatable craft sank off the Libyan coast, the coastguard said. Eighty-five migrants, including 18 women, were rescued with the help of fishermen who alerted the coastguard. / AFP PHOTO / MAHMUD TURKIA (Photo credit should read MAHMUD TURKIA/AFP/Getty Images)

How can the flower blossom when the Garden ebbs in cancer? Who will notice our tears in dark rains to restore? …and whose hands will saviour who dines unsublime? Today is libyans, a tale we tell of Escapees; but to wither a leper in this Ancestry or war- through a sojourner, which has survived your… Continue reading GREEN LIBYAN by Victor Igiri


enemies of God knowledge are clowns striving to know the weight of the ocean longing to count the flying birds always fancying unseen signs the creation of earth is their case study generation not different from vipers misusing the work of grace bestowed controversially obeying the truth always exaggerating mercy beyond hanging on the liberty-rope… Continue reading ENEMIES OF GOD KNOWLEDGE: by Ojo Adewale Iyanda


It’s not about putting on a green top Coupled with a white tie. Then, a pair of trouser or skirt with green and white strip And a shinning white shoe with green lace. Green, beautiful colour thou art The trees wave joyfully in fertility. Green for fertility, fertility for green. To put on green, then… Continue reading NOT THE WEARS


‘Will I forgive?’ ‘Never’ Would you keep at it for long? Make your heart as hard as a stone? Turn deaf ears to endless pleas? “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” These lines you recite everyday But forgiveness is difficult to give And you look up to heaven for… Continue reading FORGIVENESS


Throw the first stone. O yes! Murder me. I shall groan in pain but not in hatred. Whatsoever a man sowth, so shall he rip. I have sold your trust for a few pieces of shining silver. So i deserve neither your mercy nor your pity. Please send me to the bottomless pit in pain.… Continue reading CONTRITION


One step forward Two steps backward? What a maid! Careening through a maze of blemishes She bleeds “Thoughts going wayward And heart as *Seward?” What a lad! Traipsing on the sea of Faults He cringes! Where are the roads to the land where Free lives?? Where is the salt that seasons and preserves?


Take my hands, oh sweet saint My window of broken sweats Outshined Beyond light Feed my faith, oh sweet saint My lips are broken – Dry from calling your name That you may arise and change this game Speak to me, oh sweet saint! Flaunt my future again: Thy promises I doubt, my strength I… Continue reading AT A DISTANCE