DRIPS AND DROPS by Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwua

As the vehicle of adventure drives me farther away from your kisses and hugs, the rift between us grows wider. Hearts apart, like pockets of stars litter the dark sky of loneliness. I yearn for the day your moans shall, like the sun rays lit on my lones. As your grief laden voice, reverberates like… Continue reading DRIPS AND DROPS by Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwua


How I wish I could find A loving girl Smiling with shining teeth And deep blue eyes How I wish I could find A brilliant girl Walking with straight legs Praying with closed eyes How I wish I could find A pretty girl Singing with charming voice And sweet accent


“What did you eat?” ”I ate rice” I’ll say Though it’s garri that fills my inner pit …I’ll do anything to make her stay ‘Where do you reside?’ ”I live at G.R.A” When truly I dwell at a sea-side slum …I’ll do anything to make her stay Yesterday, it was Peter’s outfit Today, I’ll talk… Continue reading I’LL DO ANYTHING TO MAKE HER STAY


I never thought our eyes would greet again… Would you give me a chance this morning To stop your mourning and erase your despair Let me show you a mountain of fountains From which I will wash away your shame And serve you the power of freedom Let me take you to a place where… Continue reading LET ME


The breaths that foamed in my haemo is arid My soul, to death, is married. Blackness, is the eyes of my emotion, I smile at the noon, To the soothe in the arms of rest in the grave The dancers in that realm stretch to fetch my wrist Sympathetic gestures down here seize the flow… Continue reading HURT


Her love Is blessed from above Her word Decries my shabby mood Her presence Changes my monotonous mood She built me a palace in her heart So I would not be a derelict Her love sweats amity, its dew gets me conscious This is no dalliance Conscience in me not to be a philanderer Knowing… Continue reading RARE LOVE


Ajani You must find Aduke Awelewa of concrete soul Bold, black Beautiful from head to toe In the hungry sun That beats and burns She surfaces and shines I had to hide my face Ajani, I pray you see This princess of the sea Aduke is the daughter of the forest The queen of turbid… Continue reading AWELEWA


Why should my heart shriek or burn For what I would give in return? If my soul has breathed in and out Then Death shall heal my niggles of doubt I live, eat and rejoice And do things of my brightest choice Then, shall I not to the Nature give Part of what I gained… Continue reading HEART THROES


Gentle rays of the luminous Rest mild on my face. The god Cupid‘s supple grace Embraces me, sure, continuous. The warmth from these soothing rays Thaws the frozen stream of passion. It reawakens into burning ways, The quenching flames of love’s intoxication.


The shining sun stared sternly at the busy earth mortal clays jumped here and there with toiling hands and their suffering sweat brought out tears from the sun’s eyes through steep paths from bush to roads, heavy loads travelled on bent backs to noisy markets beggars begging beggars short skirt stood by the road side… Continue reading I SAW THE SUN WEEP