I pay obeisance to all Málọmọ́ To all Kòkúmọ́, to all Kúdáyísí…… When the lion roars All animals keep calm When a cock crows Its members accompany it When gángan drum sounds Both old and young dance to it When Àbíkú displays The whole household is thrown into confusion They called him Àbíkú Predestined to… Continue reading ÀBÍKÚ


Daddy must not know Mama must not hear I’ve bitten more than I can chew! What will I tell mama? I made my beauty a god A lesser one than money I worship Nightly vigils on different beds I, ace chorister in the church Father is a pastor Mother an evangelist Ah! Someone help me… Continue reading A CHILD OF MANY FATHERS


Why should I bother? Why cry for me brother? Why getting worried father? Why not let them gather? I am just a young teen Not even up to eighteen This marriage thing…? I will not get it in! Many adults fail when married End up broken, I’m worried Kids not allowed growing older Foetus stopped… Continue reading NO!