THE SEA by Mayor Jake

  THE SEA The fishes are trembling yet, fearless. Intrepid sets of fishes. Hungry waters, moving to and fro maliciously, for its own seizes. Eagerly awaiting the careless aquatics in its fullness of strength. Sea; galore, breaking down catches to forms for ample seizure. Escaping nets, the fishes began. Scattering waters, seeking for escape routes.… Continue reading THE SEA by Mayor Jake

THE INTRUDER by Ewuola Damilola Michael

I saw the mist kissing the mountains Stroking it gently with soft airy hands Whispering tales of love As the envious sun intruded. Reluctant to wake: The trees sweat—cold sweat Reminiscing the night that hurried away When it heard the footsteps of dawn Galloping from the east. Indeed the moon treated them better, And the… Continue reading THE INTRUDER by Ewuola Damilola Michael

THE SECOND COMING by Joshua Levites

Before morning, there was moaning Smearing the innocence of the night, With two bodies entwined, To cause havoc Absent conscience, Absent worries, No thoughts, Just sounds, Gasps, And then snaps Coming together in harmony With shivering waists, Stiffened necks Determined legs, No regards to shame. The night just couldn’t wait. For the coming of the… Continue reading THE SECOND COMING by Joshua Levites

EARTH IS BEAUTIFUL by El Sane Ken Silencer

Darker more to the darkest of what we know dark the world is beautiful. It always shine like the chameleon that takes the beautiful colour to all eyes the world is beautiful. Shinning, like a gold that does not rust blowing some to whirl like no one turns yellow the world is beautiful.