Awake from slumber, my dear little child! For your days fall to the wails of the wild Like fresh luscious leaves dropping dead From wilting woods that pecker dread The warring worms have eaten your face Down to a dense fragment of disgrace For years abound to mock the wisdom of age As toddling tongues… Continue reading CHILDREN OF TODAY


Let all talk together In the presence of the Brother The clouds now gather None knows the weather With affection, all bother How big, fellow brothers? The punch hits your mothers Before the eyes of million-viewers Just for a token of dollars And the feminine image suffers Winning is the quest In the nude is… Continue reading LIVE BIRTH


Does the baker bake broken bottles? Tell her, that they are many splinters, And the glazier’s resin can’t hold. Where is the masonry On whom chisels were faulted? Tell her, the smith’ furnace, Has begot cold impotent ash Where is religion, That carries good morals? Tell her, she lost her backing wrapper. Where is the… Continue reading THE BAKER


I pen this down to you My blood, my flesh, my sister I chew these words To feed you in bits Listen sister, Innocence grows to lust When they see your cleavages Ah! Your heavy perfumes Are toxins to male spirits Do you too stand At junctions Waiting diligently For wealthy phalluses Why expose your… Continue reading DEAR SISTER

MORALS (by Psalmwell Samshizle Enobakhare)

Its the best cloth in my closet, And what I like most about it Is its invisibility! Though when I wear it You cannot see it, It’s mystical, it’s good. Morals: My Mother bought it for me When I was old enough To know right from wrong. When I have it on I’m the people’s… Continue reading MORALS (by Psalmwell Samshizle Enobakhare)