My eyes are open but i still feel blind my mind’s in the oven baking thoughts of different kind am stuck in the middle blocked from left and right in it like some riddle mehn,this is one crazy fright Written by: Lhezy Zabeta Aibhere


I’ll cry all the tears Many tears are worth a cry Some pains are better Is it even worth a try? You embrace away my joy Leaving painful stains on my soul Discarded like a broken toy Like acidic rain you touched me – burnt in a hole It’s foul – you corrode my smile… Continue reading BENT IN SADNESS


The morning comes again. Sunlight steals into my room, Like he always does, And I awake at the robin’s song. Why does the sun’s fingers Chill the blood in my veins? Why does the robin’s melody Scratch the drums of my ear? Shall I live through this day, Stained with the ashes- From yesterday’s raging-fire,… Continue reading FÖRLORAD