YOUR MOTHER’S LOVE by Bamas Sinach VicToria

Gasping for breath… temperature rising… heart thumping Thud! Thud! Faster thud!! Thud!! Thud!!! Conflicting emotions… hazy figures… moving shadows Is that the sky? How come its looks so static, so flat so white? A heart piercing scream… excruciating pain… It’s unbearable, I can’t cope, I can’t do this But tiny hands, tiny feet, innocence, I have… Continue reading YOUR MOTHER’S LOVE by Bamas Sinach VicToria


I heard, it is called Aids but it’s doesn’t help I heard, it is the assistant of death I heard, it has no cure I heard, it controls the life of the uncultured I heard . . . It rules forever with an incessant tenure It sneaks through the pore of condom I heard… It… Continue reading I HEARD…


Herbs that heal Grasses in the savannah Africa is blessed with your miracles And confident in your intimacy When ailments grip me with cold hands You stand in defence for me And sacrifice much to make me live Herbs that free Fought for freedom In Africa, you are respected Your power can’t be measured Shared… Continue reading AFRICAN GRASSES

BLACK BREAST by Dumejes Momalife

Shame on you black breasts Black breasts that pour red gloss on the lips Your lips look like the fowl’s anus Like a goat’s lips dipped in blood Black breasts with nails’ like vulture Shame on you black breasts You bleach to be the sun Face masked with white ash What beauty?! You are like… Continue reading BLACK BREAST by Dumejes Momalife


Age is drizzling dew; earth retires, and frailty is set. Poor soul, make your bed; empty your chamber pot: no longer shall the Last Sacrament quench your soul’s longing. Or, shall you outstay your offspring? Owls have mounted on wings of mockery where pretty bats strew, preening for pageantry; there they sneer behind shattered mirrors… Continue reading ELEGY TO DOTAGE