Alade! Why have you secured your soul With greed? Hunting the shadows of fortune, You have acquired doom From the fading bloom. Ayoade! The creator Sketched treasures on your palm, But thou swapped it, For the ruins of nature; Now your destiny is entombed, In the graveyard of uncertainty. Darkness whispered your name Iyunade! For… Continue reading OLA (WEALTH)

NEW NOTES by Oku-ola Abiola Paul

Its aroma is alluring Like the sweet fragrance of the rose Its colour, inviting A handful will cause a matchless pose Behind it is a spirit The spirit of take, take and take more You can never have enough of it Even the richest envy the little in possession of the poor


Satisfactions, all in his obsessions If all desires are not granted as wished Man keeps to street, unkempt and disgruntled Forgetting patience does it all But nothing bad comes from patience Nobody complains without being granted Wish! Your God will do it in haste… Demanded so much blessings Like him that wants chieftaincy from heaven… Continue reading INSATIABLE ARE DESIRES


I counted my chicks Before they were hatched And freed the finch in hand To chase a flying eagle! What do I tell the world? That my eggs were rotten? That the eagle soared too high? Ah! See my empty hands! I went to farm – without a hoe, Boasting of a tuberous return! See,… Continue reading CALL ME A FOOL AND HANG ME!


I wooed a lady Every morning, afternoon, and night I was at her window Singing like nightingale some beautiful love songs Solomon in all his verses could not write Her mother asked me ‘John, can only songs melt the a lady’s heart’ Go and buy her a posh Prado car Expensive diamond jewelries And be… Continue reading I WOOED A LADY