Our son has gone to reunite with his wife, she left us not long ago, She left in haste without saying goodbye. She was young and unaged lovely to behold. She was unwell stricken by the rough rod of life. She journeyed in sorrow to the white Lords, The ones who have communed with all… Continue reading TRIBUTE TO STEPHEN KESHI by ‎King Mike John


Baptism of cool fire That shattered even reigning champions’ desire Mashed in pieces, in the empire Of Samba, still, no retreat no surrender Penetration-less Minister’s defense Oh! elastic ‘Tim’, Oh why! states… Sixteen terrific saves in ninety wicked minutes’ surge Still, this baptism proved too hard! too much! And the seemingly flying Eagles Mesmerizingly messed… Continue reading SAMBA TRAGEDY


on carting wheels they ride amidst shoulder high foes who pride with yester-glory yea! they ride off to get the rope of victory around standing necks the eagles’ path unthreaded braiding the teethed boots to roll away stones to nested nets a glittering gold gift held up in undaunted palms blessed by Oluwa. along the… Continue reading THE EAGLES PATH


At Gassama’s final trumpet, at his final trumpet . . . They stood like the crucifixion’s stake, Like the crucifixion’s stake, The Antelopes stood, Cheery visages in glum, Wreathed with wide waters, Of the hearts crackdom accepted. They’ve caressed Leaking from The Eagles In twin-legged sphere leather Combats, they’ve caressed.


A tune was played near; One of loss, a sorrowful song. A chant was heard from afar; One of joy, a victory song. Two ends of one tale. One the start, the other, the end. Often, human eyes can’t see beyond the present. The product of tomorrow remains unseen. The tale begins with an ordinary… Continue reading VANQUISHED HEROES


I heard the heart of men beating The atmosphere was tense, silence ruled Many prayed to God. Are Zambians godless? Lips dropped curses like rain on Keshi Even as we prayed and watched the ball Hoping it enters the right net Ethiopians’ net! At last Moses parted the red sea! Pay the penalty, save our… Continue reading CRAWLIFY


Oh! Tenacity and courage Failed at the eccentric vigor. The Old Lady paged, Even on a quivering Bridge. Boots lashed, the net severally shook in vain Ah! Fate seem defaced In the midst of plenty, rays of victory derailed. Its time he learnt That Mr. Faith favors the tent Where Patience and Diligence are well… Continue reading THE SACRED COCK CROW