Like an ant on a different path from his colony, whistling alone to himself to chase away silence, savoring the new found freedom and thinking very little of the world he left behind… Like helpless chicks making joyful noise around the mother hen, as they attack a meal of corn grains, the mother hen charges… Continue reading WHEN TOMORROW COMES


Snares and temptations lie in ambush; The journey to self-realization and self-perfection Is fraught with too many dangers Education is the ammunition against their snares. It’s the potter that reshapes the clay of human resources, It’s the leveler of men, decider of our fates It’s the torch, lighting paths that feet stumble not It’s the… Continue reading GET EDUCATION!


His head is without a brain! But he has a diamond crown! Boxers call him a lion! Which dog will not like a bone? He may be totally mad But he has a lot of gold! Priests call him Lord! Which horse will dislike a fort? She is not a penny’s worth! She is walking… Continue reading WEALTH


That man is dreaming while awake A few steps away from the lake He stumbles on like a blind beggar Crossing the highway with a swagger His seeds are weeping in the slum His wife is hawking rotten plums But the fool is here, breast milking Dulled brain, of home, not thinking Don’t caution him,… Continue reading DREAMING AWAKE