How did we forget to vote the best without unrest? We shall all rise changing our mindset With the best, we are at rest I love my nation, let’s start the motion Our dear love for our nation Should not give us the notion That it is do or die for the position


Our political leaders, our dictators How can they feel our pain when their children live outside the nation. So many deceitful vows they made to us making us believe they are one of us. They want power to continue in their lineage, Using all allocations to build their personal College. They vowed to fulfil all… Continue reading THE MASSES’ CRY


These corporate criminals Are honest liars Holy thieves And gentle killers They campaign from North to South Relentlessly through East and West Spewing beautiful lies ‘We will build Chicken Republic in your parlors’ ‘Your sons will study medicine in Oxford’ These corporate criminals Are gentlemen with rotten minds Their purses are heavier than the Sands… Continue reading CORPORATE CRIMINALS


Our people have all lost hope, Life’s game’s more than they can cope! The hopes of all have begun to falter: Yoruba, Hausa and their Igbo brother. But there is one thing they may have forgotten, When there’s still life, despair is nothing. So let this rhymes fire their flame For we must soldier on… Continue reading A NATION WITH NO HOPE

NIGERIA …52YEARS AFTER (by Showunmi Olawale Michael)

Like a misled adventurer in search of the Golden Fleece, On this path, Nigeria was made to venture As concocted by the pleasure of her colonial masters. As the hey days of tribulation beckoned, She was strengthened with passion and agility to endure. But as her offspring cohered their aggressions The Union Jack came to… Continue reading NIGERIA …52YEARS AFTER (by Showunmi Olawale Michael)


We all fought and sacrificed to attain victory. But, raping our trust a few have claimed the glory; Thieving leaders living in shallow fame, While the land is painted in rotten shame! Who shall not be angered by the deviation, When considering our nation’s situation? Who would not worry about its sorry state? And weep… Continue reading …OF A SORRY NATION (by WRRPoetry FAMILY)