OYENUSI by Ololade Akinlabi

……..then I realised Oyenusi lost his gun powder. Giving voice to the dumb guns, wakes up the sleeping trigger breaking the taboo of the silent midnight as eyes awake from long-cruise dream. Hey! Panics reads the Proverb melody in the fragile hearts. Oye-enemy to midnigt silence, intimate to sleeping light. Crack! Cra-cks!! Supreme made red-wine… Continue reading OYENUSI by Ololade Akinlabi


The anathemas came with some sinful acumen to maim the assiduous citizens of their belongings… But there was no approbations to welcome the hapless visitors; only the cacophony of wrath and repercussions to reward their toils. Judgement day is come! So let both the sowers and the harvest-bands settle some deleterious scores… Some constitutions must… Continue reading JUNGLE JUSTICE


I see them roaming daily in my neighbourhood children with childhood yanked off discarded like orange peels decorating our filthy streets Bit by bit we transform them into prolific vagabonds street urchins, inductees of our infamous hall of child abuses drug abusers and prolific sex workers! We birth them let them roam about like baby… Continue reading LOST CHILDHOOD


Get down to the bed And let me make you red After all I’ve paid the dowry It’s time to pay yours Off with your clothes And out with the light I will make love with you tonight It’s my given right Shut your mouth Menstruation or not I have the right I can use… Continue reading CONJUGAL RAPE


Merry, they shatter my cherry The same cherry I had denied The prince I love and cherish! “Let’s wait till our wedding night” Now I’m forcefully taken I shed a painful pile of sighs! Brutally rude were the dudes. So mean! I rained curses gasping in pain “May they suck agony and end vain”


Facebook means different things to different people. There’s no doubt that millions of young/budding writers are honing their writing skills on this platform. Some are lucky to have friends offering counselling/editing services to them free of charge. For this category of people, Facebook is a pleasant opportunity to further their capacity to craft powerful lines… Continue reading FACEBOOK, WRITING AND PLAGIARISM (by Sir Eriata Oribabhor)


Our generation is in a race Alien race is what the aged call it Race of unclad damsels Engaging their likes of lads The race is alien to African culture It’s a naked race The race is a mess to the society It has mesmerize and decayed, sprouting sexual abuse The athletes appear in nude… Continue reading NAKED RACE


He is the hair different from our hair He speaks unclear through his sharp pointed nose He came for a mission as one seen a vision To deliver a nation from her hopeful craving So it seemed unfortunate, his arrival The beasts invaded, communicated and calculated Notes robbed and body seized To untrodden destination, known… Continue reading ESCAPADE