EMBRACE HIS CROSS: Oluwa Seun Tiwistar

Haven’t you been your own for so long? Haven’t you been living by your own principles? Were you not among that throng? Who thought themselves wise, sucked ridicules Then, ain’t this the result? That has come out ten times over Remember when you launched that assault? Didn’t all the victory hover? Oh, I know you… Continue reading EMBRACE HIS CROSS: Oluwa Seun Tiwistar


Unto us a perfect soul was born… To sacrifice life for a perfect criminal To save a woman with tainted, condemned hue To turn the mass of her crimes to virtue To be the best friend of the killer To believe in the words of the liar To be the passionate of the wicked To… Continue reading FOR US


I. Let’s build, for Peace, a lasting nest, And force Discord on exile. Let, in our acts, love manifest; Let’s build, for peace, a lasting nest. Let the land, from north, east, through west, To south, with unity be tiled. Let’s build, for Peace, a lasting nest, And FORCE Discord on exile. II. Sure, we… Continue reading TRIOLETS TO NIGERIA


Blessed invitation That brought free salvation And spiritual reconciliation At Christ’s resurrection Blessed invitation From the God of creation Who called me from my transgression And redeemed me from destruction Blessed invitation From God of salvation For man redemption On the night of restoration. Praised the God of creation; Christ is our portion Who gave… Continue reading BLESSED INVITATION