Nigeria. Nigeria. Malaria. Pneumonia Boko. Haram. Jona. Athan Nigeria. Nigeria. Thieves in Power ‘Herein is a Country!’ Proclaimed Lugard Nurtured. Able-bodied. Now mature Yet. Abroad. Her offspring seek manure They hop on planes, even hide beneath them All, in search of the greener pasture Northern. Haram. Southern. Militants Central. Theft. Abuja. Massacre


Where death watch beetles held sway Rot hung in the fetid air… Black robes ragged, purple haze a faded grey, Smell of death everywhere.. Tallow tapers ceased to burn, Dried yellow brown replaced white in turn… Bulky altar with warped veneer a velvet sheen, Not beauty but texture splintered and obscene, Putrid plush curtains, a… Continue reading YANKEE CRYPT