UNRIPE MOTHERS by Akodu Oluwaseun Shedrack

Mothers! the ones we had in those days They were mothers of reference and reverence The ones we knew then are Nation-building mothers… The ones we had then were Ransom-payer mothers. Those days when wedding garments were precious Every mothers in embryo lust for it. Those days when bride price are heavy. Every parent longed… Continue reading UNRIPE MOTHERS by Akodu Oluwaseun Shedrack


Let me tell you the repulsive story of the vomit I disgorged yesterday. Yesterday my student– little miss Sadat– missed from class And days and days I saw neither ghost nor slough And so I was all questions and no answers.


Why should I bother? Why cry for me brother? Why getting worried father? Why not let them gather? I am just a young teen Not even up to eighteen This marriage thing…? I will not get it in! Many adults fail when married End up broken, I’m worried Kids not allowed growing older Foetus stopped… Continue reading NO!