MORALS (by Psalmwell Samshizle Enobakhare)

Its the best cloth in my closet, And what I like most about it Is its invisibility! Though when I wear it You cannot see it, It’s mystical, it’s good. Morals: My Mother bought it for me When I was old enough To know right from wrong. When I have it on I’m the people’s… Continue reading MORALS (by Psalmwell Samshizle Enobakhare)

NIGERIA …52YEARS AFTER (by Showunmi Olawale Michael)

Like a misled adventurer in search of the Golden Fleece, On this path, Nigeria was made to venture As concocted by the pleasure of her colonial masters. As the hey days of tribulation beckoned, She was strengthened with passion and agility to endure. But as her offspring cohered their aggressions The Union Jack came to… Continue reading NIGERIA …52YEARS AFTER (by Showunmi Olawale Michael)

SELFLESSNESS (a call to humanity by Jude Uchella)

There is an appointed place for you to be, a position that suits your personality. There is an office calling on you to man, a staff waiting for your plan. There is a homeless child with nowhere to go, except a home to him you’ll show. There is a poor youth uncertain of the future,… Continue reading SELFLESSNESS (a call to humanity by Jude Uchella)


We all fought and sacrificed to attain victory. But, raping our trust a few have claimed the glory; Thieving leaders living in shallow fame, While the land is painted in rotten shame! Who shall not be angered by the deviation, When considering our nation’s situation? Who would not worry about its sorry state? And weep… Continue reading …OF A SORRY NATION (by WRRPoetry FAMILY)

RUMORS (by Moses Opara)

All around here and there, Rumors are travelling on wings And sirens are ringing In many a heart! All faces are wrinkled And poised in ignorance, confusion and fear, With tears of sorrow in deceptive lies, Ready to shower from their cheeks! All are lost In strangling moments of deceit. Filled with lies, That fly… Continue reading RUMORS (by Moses Opara)


This is not just another fine day, For poets to be lyrically gay! Shall we not with pens our anger vent, Since our mandate they fail to represent? Yes we shall, for that is the only way That we, the powerless, can have our say! We are all crumbled, crumpled up and torn And a… Continue reading POETS AT WAR (by WRRPoetry FAMILY)