THE SINNER: by Raphael Kueniemugh Karibo

Behind hillocks ‘animals’ hobble Hobble in carelessness or in fact Fact you knew, but dared the bible? Bible, the way, the truth and the light The skies of the defenceless Citizens, you stained knowingly Parents you killed, render’ children hopeless Is this the devil’s race or heavenly? Remember! You sleep at night! What if breath… Continue reading THE SINNER: by Raphael Kueniemugh Karibo


You hide behind the cover of the social media Playing on people’s faith, selling your half baked sermons to us Mumbling scriptures, yet speaking different tune Not of truth, but lies hoarded in your stark ignorance You stand on the path chanting in occultism Yet you captivate yourself by claiming you are god In your… Continue reading FALSE PROPHET


I. Let’s build, for Peace, a lasting nest, And force Discord on exile. Let, in our acts, love manifest; Let’s build, for peace, a lasting nest. Let the land, from north, east, through west, To south, with unity be tiled. Let’s build, for Peace, a lasting nest, And FORCE Discord on exile. II. Sure, we… Continue reading TRIOLETS TO NIGERIA


Satisfactions, all in his obsessions If all desires are not granted as wished Man keeps to street, unkempt and disgruntled Forgetting patience does it all But nothing bad comes from patience Nobody complains without being granted Wish! Your God will do it in haste… Demanded so much blessings Like him that wants chieftaincy from heaven… Continue reading INSATIABLE ARE DESIRES

YOU REMAIN MY PRESIDENT (a tribute for John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills

In your 68 years of existence, you were reduced to a nonentity, you were ridiculed They created a platform for boys and girls Young enough to be your children and grand children to insult and mimic Your greatest achievement was not the development But your ability to resist the temptation to reply On your day… Continue reading YOU REMAIN MY PRESIDENT (a tribute for John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills


Upon the crimson-brick spire: Rooted, and to heaven; a cross Voices of singers raising higher Nonchalant hearts, sanctified cross. Purified waters set every entrance For each head that goes within. … I love the meekness displayed with no dance, Men’s fine steps scold at trail of sin; I love the likeness of God’s face in… Continue reading THE HOLY SERENITY