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I’ve been looking at stars and talking to the wind
Wishing I could tell them the truth of everything
Wishing I could tell you that I want more
Of this.. of that… of what we had before.
I’ve been writing of doves and singing to the moon
Wishing he could hear my song and sing it back to you
Hoping time will take me back and kiss your lips for me
Wishing I could tell you that I’m here and I’ll always be.

I’ve been kneeling here in pain all night and all day
Praying that I find you, maybe then I’ll find my way
Wishing heaven hears me like the moon had heard my song
Wishing I could see you, but even your shadow’s gone.
I’ve been lying here where you left me since
Broken heart and broken soul, even broken wings
I’m waiting, still waiting… hoping you’ll look back
Maybe then you’ll truly see the hole inside my heart.

I’ve been sitting here in ashes trying not to cry
Salty waters engulf me, but I promise I’ll try
I’ll be the man you’re craving and the boy that makes you laugh
I’ll be a bridge across the river and when the road is rough.
I’ve been here in darkness, on my bended knees
Asking for forgiveness for my uncounted sins
Asking God to tell you that I’m truly ready now
Asking him to cleanse me, within and without.

I’ve been holding on forever, never letting go
I wanted you to be the one but I never let you know.
I’ve been writing this forever, It just appeared today
Imaginary tears of many years will wash the pain away.
I’ve been lying to myself,
Been running for so long;
You have been lying too…
You were never truly gone.


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