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I moan in the darkness of the night,
couched in my shed in extreme fright,
picturing episodes of yesterday’s plight,
when the sticks were gussing out light.

Oh! My lord,
spare Nigerians of the dreaded rod,
artificial rods, launched by the unknown.
Is this landscape coming to an end?.

What a reign of barbarism,
slaughtering souls like preying beast!
what is derived from such feast?
Are they human clones?

See the catastrophe in Lugard’s work;
when unity has been raked by fork,
genocide in the walk way,
abduction by the gate side!

Timidity has turned men lame.
Their agility has been sold to fear.
When retreat is all for which I care,
death is the ghost, I can’t dare.

The great Arewa is now a shadow of itself,
the wonderful epicentre of terrorism,
where the daredevil devour their preys,
and satanic rivers tide out blood!

Of the greatest deltans in our midst,
who burrow ransom from the nouveau expatriates,
with rifles that blow the hellish trumpet…
what an optimism championed by abduction!

One Nigeria is a shattered dream,
a vision from the imagination realm.
“Giant of africa!” The office rogues shout!
when the army could not trample mere ants

Written by: Ali Smart Dee-jurist
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • Emmanuel Chux

    The old truth we know but refused and still refuse to acknowledge. Each time the truth comes back, we murder it. But like an ogbanje, it keeps coming. That ‘ catastrophe in Lugard’s work’ is a vampire in our system, forever sucking blood.it is a seed of discord sown in accord.

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