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WHEEL IT AWAY by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

On the wings of the wind
Wheel it away
2016 and all its strings
Toss it away into past days
Let it down at the occident
With the slow death of the day

And on the dock of the dawn
Break it upon me, 2017
Come right on
With the crescent birth of the morning

From the ends in the east
Bring along your yeast
Let it sweeten and season
My days in the horizon

From the coast
Come, cover me
With your thick coat
And keep away stinging bees

Bring plenty showers
Let it grow my greens
And make my seeds flower
To make many cuisines

Also, let out plenty sunshine
As sixteens we need it to shine
But also the woodlands,
They need it for their wine and dines

And when your course is due
Be gone like the morning due
Until then, I’m thankful
For the cruise in 2016
And the hopes of 2017

WHEEL IT AWAY by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

WHEEL IT AWAY by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

Author: Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

Dominic is a nascent Nigerian writer with interests in poem, prose and essays. His other literary works are on this site as well as on Afreecan Read, Medium,, Poemhunters,, and When he’s not writing, Dominic engages in humanitarian cause and works with Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Centre in Abakaliki.

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