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WHAT IS MAN by Joshua Levites

What is man without joy in his world,
Holding his hand in turbulence,
Cheering him to serene laughter
Even to the face of an angry life?

What is man without strength
To rise on his feet and bear his cross,
Amidst mockeries from the challenges
Aiming to break his bent knees?

What is man without hope
In the meanest of dark hours,
When the tunnel’s darkness mocks
His expectations of a light at the end?

What is man without his companion,
To walk the path of life with,
Together hoping in hope
For an adventure with a happy ending?

What is man without air
Cooly caressing the walls of his lungs,
Giving the assurance life is still alive,
Breathing inside of him?

What is man without a friend
To Merry with when Victory comes.
Cry when the pain cuts deep
And reminisce old memories.

What is man without his Joy

What is Life without You?

Author: Joshua Levites

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