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WAKE UP, SLEEPING GIANT [Wake Up, Sleeping Giant] [Wake Up, Sleeping Giant]

Oh, the giant that once shook the earth
Now less than a suckling infant worth
The giant at whose presence lions fled
Why are you now pale and your eyes red?
The giant, while crouching that could crush bones
Is it at you that little children now throw stones?
Oh giant, have you traded your brawn?
Wake up! Wake up! It is the crack of dawn

Oh, the giant that with two fingers, could uproot trees
Is now slowly drowning in the deep blue seas
Giant whose voice alone made bears tremble
Are you yet to recover from your stumble?
The giant whose feet could cause an earthquake
Your heart now thumps at the sight of a snake
Oh giant, will you ever stand tall again?
Wake up! Wake up! Do not melt in the rain

Oh, the giant of whom women sang songs
Is it your heart that now beats like enraged gongs?
The giant whose voice could silence a roaring thunder
Why have you allowed the wild beasts to tear you asunder?
The giant who could split a rock with his mere fists?
What is this that I see? Chain marks on your wrists?
Oh giant, why do you stagger like one shaken by wine?
Wake up! Wake up! The morning sun is about to shine

Oh giant, what is this that I now hear?
Stories, aching stories that bleed the ear
The giant, who with his breath could quench a furnace
Why have you allowed flies to perch all over your face?
The giant on whose body bullets bounce off
Have you lost your strength now that the road is rough?
Oh giant, my eyes are red with weeping
Wake up! Wake up! The bright stars are peeping

Africa’s giant that was once the world’s envy
Why do you now shiver like a frightened old lady?
The giant at whose feet others would bow
Are you now toothless like a castrated cow?
Oh giant fast asleep, snoring in the whale’s belly
For days, weeks, months, years, for eternity?
Soon you will be vomited onto dry land
Wake up! Wake up! And on your two massive feet stand

Yesterday’s toddlers are growing into giants fast
Wake up oh giant! And stop dwelling in your glories past

Written by: Saviour Iz Otubelu

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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