THIS LIFE by Christopher Titus

Oh thou life mixed with pains
Where all plans vanish in plain
Tis in this little home that
We loss all our strength.

Oh this life with much to gain
Where we trend but all in vain
Tis in this little nest that
we are tossed up and down.

Oh thou life with much in our veins
Here we tried but may not meet our aims
Tis in this same niche of life that
We work to become the boss.

This life comes low and slow at first
Masters are not made by how fast u’re
Run so fast and u may fall for a while
If not careful, you may not rise for sometime.

When life turns low and slow
Be sure, slow and steady you’ll get to the top
When life blows so hard on you
Everything up turns down and low.

THIS LIFE by Christopher Titus

THIS LIFE by Christopher Titus

Author: Christopher Titus

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