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The Unknown Voice [The Unknown Voice]

I am the unknown voice
roasting my plea
in a burning fire
with my hands
soaked with the blood
of my dying land.

I am the unknown voice
hanging under a tree
with burdens of voices
in my head,
writing my dreams
on sabotaged slates.

I am the unknown voice
in the chalet of silence
listening to the symphony,
of weary dreams
that bid farewell to nothing.

I am the unknown voice
crossing Ikogosi waterfalls,
to Idanre hills,
where my immortality
will naked the smokes
of dying whispers.

I am, yes I am!
the illustrious son
of this land of thorns.

Written by: Moses Chibueze Opara

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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