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The Dented Cowries [The Dented Cowries]

Pick up the cowries stop the smiles
The Cake has decayed your teeth already
Though the Mind has its choice
The secret is only known to the known

Tales by the moonlight is a gone thing
Who swallowed the cowries? Who tore the Ban?
Who demon-strated the most crazy things called demo-crazy?
Oh! I knew it when the crickets stop crying
When the Agama Lizards stopped nodding
And the cock remained silent in the mornings
The age, the civilization, the Beast of Man’s making
Has taken control of the SEAT

Power in absolute has made the Cowries dented
And this informed our decision
They cornered the cake and the market crashed
The powerful fell asleep without snoring
Inflation ensuite, deflation became topic
But Never to any pragmatic end

Yes, our hope may hang on thin air
But I bet a better tomorrow is coming
The winds will soon blow them through the desert
Where they will be deserted
I am not a mortician and you can never call me one
I am just standing for the Nation
While its on the motion, sustaining patriotic notion

The cowries is back with valuable, fees become peanuts
Aged laughs ‘toothlessly’ like a window without cover
Husbands take back their lost glory
And the Pots never cry no more
Oh! This is it, sustainable development
Never without a sustainable notion
On the motion
I will stand for the Nation!

Written by: Olaoluwa Abidemi Abiola
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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