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THE BLIND MAN’S VENGEFUL CURSE by Thaalith Abubakar Gimba

By the serene heavens,
And the clamorous earth
That birthed uncanny nature.
I compel in advance,
The flickering lightning,
To Blind your sight,
Strike your rustic tongue,
Maim your itchy feet, and
Spike your wobbling insanity.

Your damnation,
Officially endorsed
Upon your demise.
Flock of crows,
I seek your aid.
Watch not the decaying carcass,
Feast with your kind and invite,
The verminous veteran vultures,
As thee savour the putrid brains
Of his decomposing essence.

In the palace of death,
Awaits you an unending loop,
Of seemingly ceaseless hell,
Where no encroachment
Of ubiquitous nightly sleep
Mitigate thy misery.
Without my sight,
I curse thou…
Till in the end of time.

Author: Thaalith Abubakar Gimba

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