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SPELL OF LOVE by Oyedokun Ibukun

I never wanted to fall in love
Hatred was all I saw in love
Love hurts; that makes it hot
I could perceive how heart were cut.

At first when you came
I took it to be a game
You charm with your charming face
And persuaded me to join in the race.

Looking at you is like looking at my father
Arguing with you is like arguing with my mother
Even when I’m angry
The spell you have cast stemmed me solemnly.

Everything about you is spell of love
With your angelic qualities; you have re-spelt love
From head to toe; outward and within
Purity of heartily love is seen.

Your one of its kind virgin hair is rare
Your curves and cuteness call attention here and there
Majestically, your moveable movement
Eloquently, your words of encouragement.

As if they were not functioning
Your melodious voice wakes from slumbering
When you sing; it’s like being in paradise
Arise! Arise! that’s your voice to my hopeless eyes.

Spell of love all over your body
Your modeling standing
Your clean skin of natural nature
Your flawless finger like pedicure.

The spell you have cast
has shut my eyes from looking fast
Looking fast to admire another jewel
Shut from starving for another damsel.

SPELL OF LOVE by Oyedokun Ibukun

SPELL OF LOVE by Oyedokun Ibukun

Author: Oyedokun Ibukun

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