Song From My Soul

Song From My Soul

This violin is my pen, I am the player.
I use this tune to ink teary words.
I peel my haunted soul – each layer–
As I make my song on these chords.

See not my tears as salt waters–
They are are but rivers of seasoned grief.
They flow for me, for sons and daughters:
Silent but pregnant with unbirthed grief.

I have seen thirst standing in the river;
Hungry I’ve been, standing in the barn.
Where some have smiled, there I quiver;
Orphan I am, I look for my father’s arm.

I slow no tune to make you somnolent-
But my voice shall tear down walls.
I am knight. I string my lance, my instrument:
Listen, a troubled soul, helpless, calls.

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • tHIS is a wonderful poem…I like the picture more, it tells more words than you can imagine…Can't say more or I might make this beauty sore 🙂

  • Sueddie, even your poetry nature appeared in your comment here.. you had to rhyme MORE and SORE…was it deliberate?thanks you sire

  • THIS PIECE is so nice!the picture is one powerful image that endeared me to the write up ….i wish i could wipe that child’s tears.

    • That was how I felt too on first sighting the picture. Thank you for reading.

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