RAIN by Joshua Levites

The sky winked at us and we snubbed;
Friends gisted, we feasted.
The sky’s beauty,
We treated with scorn.
Sooner we realized
The gracious threat of her graciousness
And we were nearly torn,
In hurriedness. To escape,
The overwhelming smile foreseen.
Only. It was late, already
The sky exposed her teeth
We saw the smile.
And we were shadowed in her beauty,
We shivered. Overwhelmed.
We learnt our lessons.
We did.

RAIN by Joshua Levites

RAIN by Joshua Levites

Author: Joshua Levites


  1. Reply
    James says

    Your imagery and sense of humor is eccentric. Love how it flows and gently built the sensation of the topic in ones mind. Nothing less than fantastic.

  2. Reply
    Hannatu Adamu says

    There’s no taming nature. Man constantly finds that he must bow to it!

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