Praying Prey

Praying Prey

Some say, “As you pray for your own peace
Remember your nation too, please.”

And some mock, “Going Beatitude might soothe thee
But the question is, will it ever heal thee?”

And I answer, “Perhaps in the multitude of Beatitudes
We may change some destructive attitudes!”

But so many who have once fallen prey
Would rather curse the nation than pray!
But then, all curses shall one day rebound
And chase the curser like a hound.

It confounds me how hounded we are
By little things, reopening our healing scar!

Since of the solutions we have no idea,
Perhaps we should go ask a seer?

But has anyone heard of, or seen any
Who speaks wisdom, not false like the many?

Thank God, even the toughest scars can heal
If we join hands, we can climb the daunting hill.
And just like the people of ancient times,
We will survive, even the hardest climes.

So while we rightfully rage, let us pray,
That we be not among those that fall astray!

Chino Ibe
Kukogho Iruesiri Samson
Psalmwell SamshizLe Enobakhare
Words Rhymes And Rhythm
Davids Ezimako
Jude Uchella
Ejikeme Charlestz
Ogoluwa Simon Ojewale

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    johncoyote says

    Wisdom is learn with life and struggle. A wise person know the world is small. We must be kind and help each other. Powerful thoughts in the excellent poem.

    • Reply
      Kukogho Samson says

      Thank you Sir John. Love and kindness, we need. In Nigeria, the politicians dont want to allow crumbs to reach the poor people who put them there.

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