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Oh! What A Mother [Oh! What A Mother]

Though at birth it wasn’t easy
She says I’m a worthy reason
Before I could even speak
She protected me through the thick

As a child I laid my head on her chest
In her arms I made my little safe nest
And when I listen to her heartbeat
Her face says: “in there, son you have a seat”

If I could write about her love
Tell of her tenderness – beyond a dove’s
Many would say no such being
Under the sun can there be

There tough times when I wanted to quit
She told me “Boy, you can win with one more hit!”
Now climbing on Life’s ladder
I look back and say “Oh! What a mother!”

*Dedicated to the memory of my late mother.

Written by: Emmanuel Olawale MilesandDreams Fashina

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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