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Nigeria [Nigeria]

I saw Nigeria from a new light
not the beautiful black woman
with wonderful Earthen features
that lured the snow folks into her
green haven

I saw her as a mad hen
so mad the lioness bewares of her
her feathers are shelters
holding Nations ten times her size

she bares her fangs
and the white elephant changes its path
her chicks her ten times tougher than aged eagles
‘flesh-eater’ is her war name

I pray not she turns on a nation
her eggs her missile-submarine
she’ll sweep off d mountains from their root
If she cries ‘war!’ the Atlantic will flow to Mars

Those who stay under her, in her mesh
sucking fat on golden straw
beware of her fat belly that hangs
there will be no help the day she sits

Written by: Lois Burutu

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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