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My Time Will Come [My Time Will Come]

The bright lights
The cameras flashing
The mic in front of me
Me dressed in fancy fashion

The stage couldn’t be bigger
Millions of people expectant
I go live in a few seconds
This time no ants in my pants

But all that’s my imagination
At least that’s what I’ll call it now
I neither know about “where and when”
Nor do I know about “why and how”

I don’t have guys fighting for my autograph
I don’t have ladies screaming my name
I still walk long distances to and fro
I don’t have all the money and fame

Notwithstanding, the drive is there
The passion is evident
It may not come as quickly as I want
But the signs are imminent

Someday I’ll think back and smile
Smile about all the sacrifices made
Smile for all the work I put in
Smile for all the dues I paid

As sure as night is dark
As sure as summer is warm
As sure as sunshine after rain
My time will surely come.

Written by: Chuks Asoegwu

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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