MY JEWEL by Nnamdi Amasiatu

My jewel, my jewel
Twinkling with rays of bright light
Like rubies on mountain top
Flicking without shadows

My jewel, my jewel
Kind fate awoke the love in us
Kindling our fondling spirit
Into smiles of grace and clamour

Thoughts of God’s love for humanity
Bringing us closer and closer
Our coming and going with rants
Will not end our longings and thrilling
For we are Siamese twins
Our memories always fresh as a new dawn
My love you will always be

MY JEWEL by Nnamdi Amasiatu

MY JEWEL by Nnamdi Amasiatu

Author: Nnamdi Amasiatu


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    Vivian says

    Aww omg too cute… i really loved it, it was written so nicely, i could completely picture it all. very nicely written, as always!

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