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MY HEART’S JASPER by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

The world might be complex.
But I know a thing or two:
In the whole of the known multiplex,
You’re a star with a million dazzling glue.

There aren’t too many of your type.
Yet among the few, you’re a unique tycoon.
You bubble with shining rays,
And this, you’ve shone on my grey ways.

Permit my risqué manners, it’s to do with my job as a tanner.
Look, I once beheld you at the gateway.
Your scrumptious figure got me into disarray.
At once, my thoughts flip flap in million turns like a bunny banner.

But you, you kept moving your body like a hurricane.
With great rein of pose, every step and twists you sustain,
In that perfect march, you had the whole pathway well claimed
As every gaze turned towards you in no feign.

Mind you, my gaze harbours no sinister.
It pours fondness like a libation emptying out of a jar.
It focuses well more than a sniper,
Only that the target has been my heart’s jasper.

MY HEART’S JASPER by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

MY HEART’S JASPER by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

Author: Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

Dominic is a nascent Nigerian writer with interests in poem, prose and essays. His other literary works are on this site as well as on Afreecan Read, Medium,, Poemhunters,, and When he’s not writing, Dominic engages in humanitarian cause and works with Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Centre in Abakaliki.

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