MRS. WOOBAG by Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer

Call her Woobag!
He wooed her to make her a bag
Whose mouth has been gagged
A slum bag filled with punches
Wearied with abuses in bunches
Despised punching bag!

Lengthy love letters turned assassination letters
Man-handled by the man who gave her love’s handle
Love remains blind till it gains sight
Woobag’s face tells the story when his fury kindle
Who will bring you down from that scary height?

Fair face turned blue
Kicks and slaps await you on a queue
Upon your monster’s punch tune
You disappear in a ruin

Your monster
The master in feminine batter
Who like a lobster
Clinched your soul with claws till it splatter

Your phlegm-trickling nose seeds
Watch the master’s deeds
Innocence robbed
Will there ever be a refund?

You await the right time and cry in a bag
You may not become an old hag
Till your bridled tongue you wag.

MRS. WOOBAG by Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer

MRS. WOOBAG by Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer

Author: Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer


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    Hannatu Adamu says

    The man is not a man who beats his woman. It’s sadder still when kids are involved. Yet, despite all the laws in place, society consistently refuses to come to the aid of the woman. When this happens, we must blame society as much as the man! This poem is the voice of so many victims…

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