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LESS MILES, LESS SMILES by Kujembola Oluwaseun

First, the journey took ten strides of hefty laughter,
And love and care and comfort.
The next ten years were filled with crossroads that seemed endlessly battered,
With skulls and bones and hearts groping for bodies long lost.

Then followed ten years of counting blessings and heart wrenching losses.
And the joy of family plus the sorrow that comes from the mouth of a woman.
These years solemnly chameleon into ten more years of struggling with coming advances.
Finally age won, youth; worn, became a shadow of utmost depart.

O’er seventy mountains of seeming regrets and torturous living,
I stood in awe.
And eyes survey the trials to come, a journey into endless futility and shadowy devour.
Life, little worth living…

At seventy and two, the lamps went off.
And the songs of sorrow accompanied my passage into the next journey.
Six miles into earth’s belly,
Thus the journey began; to rot…..

LESS MILES, LESS SMILES by Kujembola Oluwaseun

LESS MILES, LESS SMILES by Kujembola Oluwaseun

Author: Kujembola Oluwaseun

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