Just Me Alone

Just Me Alone

Its innocent me alone
That’s left to atone
For the deed of ancestors –
Long lost in earths stores.

I’m left to right the wrongs,
Write apologies, creep up the rungs
From the murky depths
And pay the bulky debts.

I’m here, companion of my loneliness,
Tending my purse’ leanness,
Slashing at the ferns of hatred –
On this path I unwillingly tread

The sins of the father,
And pains of the mother
Have packed me a fate
Too heavy for my pate

Still I fear not:
The Lord will wrought
A great victory for me –
Because his son I be!

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • when the ones gone before dig a pit they leave a trap on the path of those that come behind

  • Brainy, nice job, its me femifex… Our deal?

  • deal? enlighten me sire

  • Mariam

    I love dis

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