I've Seen Things

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I’ve lived here long enough
I’ve seen lies told
Myth that made men rise
I’ve seen truth, with its load
Bold truth that killed many
Behold I have seen death
The mighty laid to dirt
I’ve seen birth
Life made anew
From decaying sinew
I’ve seen pains-
Held hand with life beyond lanes
I’ve seen bliss-
Tasted her lips, synced a kiss
I’ve heard dirges
Songs only sung for the dead
I’ve heard poets
Lines that fed humanity’s dearth
I’ve been blessed,
Don’t know why; I truly confess
I’ve seen true curse
Gifted men who lost their course
I’ve being with the blessed
Men who turned curses to rest

I’ve been here long enough
To know men die an’ never rise
To see slave on horseback an’ princes on foot
I’ve learnt so much
That men lose themselves
In search of someone else
I’ve seen men bleed
Cursed men blessed
I’ve seen the deaf hear
The blind see
The dumb speak
And all men fear

I’ve seen things my friend
I’ve seen how far we strayed
How long we prayed
An’ how we laid and awaited the pay
I’ve seen saints turned rouges
Wolves in sheep’s ropes
And men that lead with dagger and cloaks
I’ve seen it all
Nothing is impossible
It is.

I’ve died
I’ve been born
I’ve been born again

Written by: Owoicho Apochi Nelson
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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