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INGRATE by Ogundairo Stephen Oluwaseyi

God revealed His love like a morning sun,
Hidden by an umbrella of darkness,
And full moon,
Unclothed snail shell of His love in intentness.

The moon, stars and sun can testify,
How He truly loves us,
How it keeps burning high,
To His true friends.

To all, He revealed His love,
The plants, animals and humans,
Who can deny His hands of love,
Of daily sun and rains.

Plants sing on top of their voices,
By rushing stormy winds,
Accompanied with clapping of hands,
By coming together of leaves.

They dance by bending their stems,
And wavering of grains,
As they grow daily in heights,
By foods of sun and rains.

Hens praise God early in the morning,
With their soloing voices,
Chorus in crowing,
On behalf of other animals.

To human, He showed more of His love,
In giving up His life,
He gave us life,
Yet, we make a fool of His love.

He created us in His image perfectly,
To praise Him in glory,
But we complain daily,
And makes Him weary.

When shall we love Him?
When shall we sincerely praise like other creatures?
For we praise Him,
With our hands soaked in a pool of sins.

INGRATE by Ogundairo Stephen Oluwaseyi

INGRATE by Ogundairo Stephen Oluwaseyi

Author: Ogundairo Stephen Oluwaseyi

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