In awe we stood like helpless armies
We failed to plant our pleas
On this fertile soil, on its ridged glories

Agony paints our lips with smiles
Massages our bleeding bones
With the ointment of sorrow
The sky vomits hopelessness upon our soil,
Truth weeps alone in darkness
While they bragging at yearly towns meetings

Love went on a journey of no return
Elder Peace roams the streets
Like a madman, in tattered robes,
Hatred and Deceit occupy the land
As Injustice struts around
While we suck the bones of poverty

In awe we stand like fools
While corruption straddles Equality
Chewing alone our labored harvest
And raping our suckling glories

Written by: Moses Opara

In awe we stand

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.


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    kaycee says

    Personification abounds…nice write

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