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I'm Not  Perfect [I’m Not Perfect]

I’ve made mistakes
I’ve made many promises which I couldn’t keep
And ruined the lives of many
As I was never real about the future
I’ve taken everything for granted
Some call me a drunkard
Some call me by names
But I didn’t choose to be like this
Inside me lies past isolation
Nobody wanted to be a part of my life
Because of my mistakes
Yes I’m not perfect!!

I have break so many hearts
Now everyone see me as a heart breaker
No one gave me a chance to explain
That I’m not a cheater
That’s not who I am
They now think I’m a player
But who are they to judge me
Cause neither of them are perfect
I know I’ve disappointed many people
I’ve failed my familyAs I brought sorrow to my parents
And cause so much pain to them.

I’m not perfect at all
I didn’t listen when I was warned
When I was guided by the elders
Because I didn’t want to listen
I got involved with the wrong crowd
Crowding myself with a bunch of strangers
Who blinded me and pretended to be my friends
And now I’ve let myself down and those around me.

I’m not Perfect, I admit
But really who is perfect
I have admitted my mistakes, but can you admit yours
Yes I’ve lied, I was not always honest
I have committed many sins
I never prove myself
But all I want is a second chance
Remember that no one is perfect
As we are all striving for perfection
I’m not perfect, neither are you


Written by: Mlondi Mazibuko

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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